Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Guest for Anniversary Podcast Revealed on OTH Podcast No. 51

Daphne Zuniga highlights the 51st edition of the One Tree Hill Podcast, in an exclusive “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill” interview. Zuniga talks about her role of Victoria Davis on One Tree Hill, why she won’t be rejoining the reboot of Melrose Place and her thoughts on the new social media. There is also an “Artist Alley” segment with Will Anderson from the band Parachute whose song “She is Love” is featured on the 22nd episode of One Tree Hill. Also, a small review of the 22nd episode of season six, and look for clues on who will be the first guest on the First Anniversary podcast for the One Tree Hill Podcast scheduled for May 25. Who could it be?

NEXT WEEK: An exclusive interview with Kate Voegele who plays Mia on One Tree Hill and will also be talking about the release of her album “A Fine Mess” on May 18.


Friday, May 1, 2009

What Do You Do AFTER You Reach A Goal

I would hope we all have goals in life. Set the goal, work toward the goal and then attain it. That, at least, is my hope for everyone.

Well, that has kind of happened to me. I attained a few goals in the last couple of weeks. It kind of prompts you to look around and first wonder how it finally happened and then you are in need of a few good pinches to your arm to remind yourself it really happened.

I have said before I never really thought I was that ambitious. Maybe before I wasn't. Maybe I just grew into the role?

But I think I HAVE learned something. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do anything you put your mind to. Now, I am not naive to believe that I could set my sites to change my career path and go back to school to be a doctor. But that is because I have no desire to be one. But you see where I am going?

There are so many people I have interviewed for my One Tree Hill Podcast that I would never have dreamed to speak to, much less interview. And now I have people wanting to be on the podcast, without me pursuing them, or even other guests who have been on before, not even hesitating when asked to return.

The future is kind of hazy but clear at the same time. I still have goals and I am working hard to attain them as well. I guess that answers my question of what to do when you reach a goal. What do you do? Find another one and start all over again.

So, here we go again.