Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lindsay Wolfington is on Twitter - Follow Her

Well, after a week of getting on her about Twitter, One Tree Hill Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington has finally joined Twitter. So, go and follow her and welcome her to the Twitter world.


Send her messages. Tell her what you would like to know. I told her fans want to know what she is up to, what artists she is listening to and other cool info from THE Lindsay Wolfington.

Go now and follow her. She is looking around going what do I do now? LOL

Nick Lachey NOW on One Tree Hill Podcast No. 50

Nick Lachey highlights the 50th One Tree Hill Podcast. Nick talks to the podcast in an exclusive interview for the “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill” segment. Also an “Artist Alley” segment with Tyrone Wells whose song “All Broken Hearts” was featured on the 21st episode of season six and a review of this episode as well.

NEXT WEEK: An exclusive interview with Daphne Zuniga who plays Victoria Davis on One Tree Hill as well as an “Artist Alley” segment with Will Anderson from the band Parachute.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

50th One Tree Hill Podcast this Week

I am doing the prep work for this week's One Tree Hill Podcast, which is highlighted by an interview with Nick Lachey, and still shocked it will be my 50th podcast. WOW!!!

I can't believe it. Really I can't. And next month I will celebrate the podcast's one year anniversary. Remember, I only started watching One Tree Hill in February of 2008. Then I tentatively started this podcast, caught the ear of my syndicator and the rest as they say is history.

Writing is my passion. I love to put the words together and create a story and a scenario, when it comes to my game stories. I have always been able to interview people, but I never took a broadcasting class in my life. All this podcasting stuff I taught myself. I asked advice and took it.

Someone told me my interview questions to long on my podcast so I tried to cut them shorter. I have tried to sound confidant and ask specific questions. And everyone likes praise right? Well, I have had a few of the people I interviewed say I was a great interviewer and everyone leaves saying they have had so much fun. That is what I tell them at the start of the interview - we are just going to have some fun today. So, it is nice to know they are having fun.

On May 25 I will air my One Tree Hill Podcast One Year Anniversary Special. I am lining up some surprise guests, I am putting together clips of past interviews (and maybe a few bloopers) and also clips from some of my episode reviews.

So, if you have any favorite clips let me know. BTW, it still shocks me to go on fan boards and read people using the phrase I coined "scene suckers." It is kind of daunting. LOL

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Daphne Zuniga on OTH Podcast May 5

I interviewed Daphne Zuniga, who plays Victoria Davis on One Tree Hill, yesterday. What an amazing person and interview. She was fun and witty and really loves playing the Victoria character.

She hinted about the new arch for Victoria's character, the possiblity of returning to the new Melrose Place and her memories filming the movie Spaceballs.

Zuniga also talked about working with Sophia Bush and all the One Tree Hill cast. She also chatted about Hilarie Burton and her Southern Gothic Productions company.

Again, check for it on May 5 at www.onetreehillpodcast.net

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nick Lachey Appearing on One Tree Hill Podcast April 28 Release

April 24, 2009–Wilmington, NC – The hits keep coming for Denise Gideon’s One Tree Hill Podcast, as she shares her interview with Nick Lachey on Tuesday, April 28th at 7 p.m. One Tree Hill fans can listen live at http://www.onetreehillpodcast.net/.

This coveted interview follows Lachey’s April 27th debut appearance on “One Tree Hill,” in the episode that will also feature his song “All in My Head.” According to Gideon, Lachey is scheduled to make more than one appearance on the TV show.

“I am very excited to bring Nick Lachey to the One Tree Hill Podcast. Nick talks about his guest stint on One Tree Hill and his upcoming album slated for a summer release," Gideon said. "This interview with Nick Lachey really pushed the One Tree Hill Podcast to another level.”

The interview, Gideon’s 50th podcast, follows on the heels of Gideon’s much-heralded interview with band member Ben Wysocki of The Fray (Podcast Episode 48).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daphne Zuniga/Will from Parachute on Interview List this Week

I am kind of working ahead for my One Tree Hill Podcast. Yeah me.

This week I secured interviews with Will Anderson from the band Parachute and Daphne Zuniga who plays Victoria, Brooke's mother, on One Tree Hill.

I just interviewed Will from Parachute and he was AWESOME. Look out for this band, they are going to be HUGE. Their song "She is Love" will be featured on One Tree Hill on May 11 and their new album "Losing Sleep" comes out May 19.

Friday, April 24, I am interviewing Daphne Zuniga. It is really exciting. I think she brings something to the role of Victoria and I am anexious to ask her about her role and being on One Tree Hill. Oh, and she was in the "classic" movie Spaceballs. Not to mention one of my fave John Cuscak vehicles "The Sure Thing." Check that movie out.

So, that puts me to the final two episodes of the season and the One Tree HIll Podcast's One Year Anniversary special on May 25. I am working hard to bring some amazing guests for those three weeks. Let's see how it goes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lindsay Wolfington, OTH Music Supervisor, is Thinking of Joining Twitter

Lindsay Wolfington, One Tree Hill Music Supervisor, is thinking of joining the Twitter phenomenon. But she wants to know what kind of tweets would One Tree Hill fans like from her.

Here is your chance. Let Lindsay know what you would like t0 read. Post comments here.

One Tree Hill Podcast No. 49

Amie Miriello visits for an “Artist Alley” for the 49th edition of the One Tree Hill Podcast. There is also a review of the 20th episode of season six, news on the release of S. Darko with James Lafferty, the release date of Kate Voegele’s new album, and a reminder to get your Southern Gothic Productions T-shirt signed by Hilarie Burton before they are gone.

NEXT WEEK: An exclusive interview with NICK LACHEY for a “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill” segment, an “Artist Alley” interview with Tyrone Wells and a review of episode 621.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Birthday Week Begins - Big Day April 22

With my last game of working softball this weekend, it is now time to turn my attentions to more interesting pursuits. MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Yes, my birthday is April 22. Usually I have to work and can't spend time with my family.

This year I get to spend time with my family AND I don't have two work that day. I am sending my intern with the softball team to Georgia on Wednesday. How cool is that?

What is the week of activities. Well, it all starts with a new One Tree Hill on Monday, which is a pretty good way to start off the week. Tuesday, I am going to see Rosi Golan and William Fitzsimmons - SWEET. Wednesday, on my birthday, I am hanging out with family and friends. Thursday is our co-oed softball game - we are in the play-offs. And Friday? Well, Friday a whole group of us are going out, gonna chill at some great venues and enjoy lots of beverages.


And my birthday wish? Well, I think most who know me and follow my One Tree Hill Podcast can guess what that is. So, this week, how about sending out some good birthday vibes?

And if you birthday happens to follow on my birthday week festivites then happy birthday to you too. :)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Met Fans of One Tree Hill Podcast and Show at a Softball Game

I am in Birmingham, Alabama today working softball games. My Western Carolina softball team is playing at Samford.

Well, I have the picture of me and Hilarie Burton as the background picture on my laptop. Some girls came over that were attending the softball game and saw my picture. One mentioned they loved One Tree Hill, I mentioned I hosted the One Tree Hill Podcast, one thing led to another, and we discovered they are fans of my podcast.

I have to admit, it was a weird feeling. They treated me like a celebrity. Asked me questions about the podcast, the show and who I had met and interviewed.

But the clincher? Are you ready? They asked for a picture with me. Is this how the One Tree Hill cast feels? It was kind of embaressing. Check out the pic.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Planning for One Tree Hill Podcast First Anniversary - May 25

The first anniversary of the One Tree Hill Podcast is fast approaching. The first podcast aired on May 20, 2008. Officially, the first anniversary podcast will air May 19, the day after the One Tree Hill season six finale. But not to deter from the finale, the One Tree Hill Podcast will air the anniversary segment the following week.

When the anniversary podcast airs, it will be my 54th podcast. Can you believe it.

So, the anniversary date is set but what may you ask will I do for the 50th podcast? That will be the interview with Nick Lachey. Pretty nice guest for the 50th podcast.

Now, back to the One Tree Hill Podcast Anniversary Podcast. Since I have always said I do these podcast for the fans of One Tree Hill, I would like to hear what you would like to have on the anniversary podcast.

I was thinking of revisiting some of the highlights of the year and maybe get a special musical guest. But more then anything I have a dream guest for the podcast. That may never pan out but my birthday is next week, April 22. Maybe I will use my birthday wish on my dream guest for the First Anniversary of the One Tree Hill Podcast.

A Good Week; A Great Week to Come

I have had a pretty good week, mixed with a bit of sadness.

Monday I interviewed Ben Wysocki from The Fray. Yes, THE FRAY. Wednesday I interviewed Nick Lachey. Both for my One Tree Hill Podcast. Ben's interview posted this week and I really hoped everyone enjoyed it. Nick's interview will air on April 28.

I also just got confirmation I will interview the new band Parachute. Their first single "She is Love" is amazing and I really think when their album hits they are going to be HUGE!!!

The sadness was our women's basketball coach where I work left and took a job at North Carolina State this week. I loved working for her and you just NEVER know what kind of coach you will get next.

A cool thing happened out of it, though. I was fielding questions about her all week, and at the time, I wasn't able to say anything. So, my token answer was "no comment." Well, my sister called me yesterday and said she heard my name on ESPN with the announcer saying "Western Carolina spokesperson Denise Gideon had no comment on the matter." That is pretty cool.

So, what about the week ahead? Well, I currently don't have any interviews scheduled, but I do have a big few days coming up. April 21 I am going to see Rosi Golan and William Fitzsimmons. SWEET!!!

Then, April 22 is my BIRTHDAY!!!! I have a couple of birthday wishes but the big one is probably one most of you can guess. Now, I am not beign all greedy. I would just love to have his happen not only for myself but for others as well. :)

And of course, next Friday, we are all going out for my pos-birthday celebratioin. There is a big red circle on that day. Everyone is excited.

Well, that is my week.

So, I do have a request. Send out big birthday wish vibes for me next week.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Share the Wonders, SoGoPro?

Okay, you have to check this out. I got my new 10th anniversary Farscape shirt last week. I have been so busy I haven't taken it out of the package. I was doing some packing and unpacking today and took it out to hang it up. I set it next to the Southern Gothic Productions shirt and look at the phrase they both make when together:

How crazy is that? Together they say "Share the Wonders, SoGoPro"

Seems to fit doesn't it?

Southern Gothic Productions Blog Site Three Month Anniversary Coming Up

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and we were chatting about various subjects, and it was then we realized Southern Gothic Productions blog site was nearing its three month anniversary. So, I thought I would take a moment today to say congrats on your blog's three months of blogs, pictures, vlogs and anecdotes.

I am sure the first post was a nervous collection of excitement and fear. But that first step is the hardest and with each footprint in the sand of life, the journey takes you to amazing and wonderful places.

So, what is it about the three month milestone?

According to Pythagoreans, three was the noblest of all the digits and seems to fit that entering their three month annivesary, the SGP blog crew is doing a noble effort at the moment. They are selling these amazing t-shirts with their logo on it to fans. But they aren't getting no-name random people to send them out. No, they are doing it themselves, showing everyone their commitment to this company and their projects.

Other threes: Plato split the soul into three parts: the appetitive, the spirited, and the rational and Plato also split his utopian city into three populations: laborers, guardians (warriors), and philosophers (rulers). Now that second Plato idealism kind of sounds all Southern Gothic Productions doesn't it? Laborers are the SGP Crew (aka fans), guardian are the ones behind the scenes and philosphers are the likes of Hilarie Burton, Kelly Tenney and Nick Grey.

And don't forget that "three times" is the charm. So, what will the third month hold for Southern Gothic Productioins?

So, what has Southern Gothic Productions Blog site done for you in the last three months? How has it changed you?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nick Lachey Interview For OTH Podcast Was AWESOME

I interviewed Nick Lachey today for the April 28 One Tree Hill Podcast.

What a great guy. We just chatted about his stint on One Tree Hill, his new album and other projects he is involved in. He was so nice and so cool. How cool was he? Well, he agreed to record a bumper for me for my podcast. You know the bumpers right? Where people say this is whomever and you are listening to the One Tree Hill Podcast. Well, some lucky ones get to do something different - like Lindsay Wolfington. You know hers "You are Listening to THE Denise Gideon. And if you aren't on the One Tree Hill Podcast, then you aren't in." LOL

Well, Nick did a great one as well. Are you ready? He said:

"Hey everybody, this is Nick Lachey. I am on the One Tree Hill Podcast. Why aren't you?" Isn't that amazing?

I loved it.

Well, keep an ear out for Nick after he appears on One Tree Hill April 27. I can't wait for you guys to hear it.

Birthday Countdown Begins - One Week Until My Birthday

Yeah, as the title suggests, my birthday is in one week - April 22. It usually isn't that special because I have to work on my birthday. But, this year, I am getting to do some great things before and after my birthday.

The day before my birthday, April 21, I got invited by Rosi Golan to see her concert in Knoxville, Tenn. - which is also my hometown. So, I get to see my family as well. Rosi is touring with William Fitzsimmons, so I get to see him perform as well.

A week before my birthday, TODAY, I am interviewing Nick Lachey, which isn't too bad either. LOL

And next Friday I am going out with a bunch of friends - some of my favorite people. We have been talking about our big night our for weeks - everyone is stoked about it. And I have to say beverages will be involved.

It has been a good year for me - dare I say great? Just excited for what is to come.

And can you believe that in mid May I will have been doing my One Tree Hill Podcast for a year? Unbelievabley. I have a wish for who I would like as a guest on the one-year anniversary of my One Tree Hill Podcast.

Can ANYONE guess who that guest could be?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Tree Hill Podcast Now on Broadtexter.com

The One Tree Hill Podcast has joined broadtexter.com. Check out the homepage at: http://www.broadtexter.com/othpodcast

What is Broadtexter? Just another social media to feed my technology loving soul.

Here is FAQ on Broadtexter:

Can I use Broadtexter?
Broadtexter takes less than 5 minutes to set up, it's FREE, and will work with just about any phone that can handle text messages in the US and Canada...so, yes!

Can people join my mobile club right from their phones?
Yes. We create your own Broadtexter Page viewable on desktop AND mobile phone browsers. People can join and play around with messages & pictures they send you from that page.

How will I send alerts?
You will be able to create text alerts in real-time or schedule them (and regionalize them if you want) from your account online or right from your own phone.

What is my Broadtexter Page all about?
Two things...FIRST, it displays all the messages and pics that are going around in your mobile club. SECOND, some websites do not allow you to embed your widget because it is Flash. Your page has your widget already embedded and you can link back to it from ANYWHERE.

What is a text message board?
People who join your mobile club can post comments and reply to your alerts anytime via text. These message are displayed on your Broadtexter page.

What are mobile club pics?
People who join your mobile club can set up their profile pic and submit pictures right from the camera on their phone to your Broadtexter page!

Who can view my Broadtexter Page?
Anyone can see your page from either their desktop or mobile phone browser.

Is there a member limit on my Mobile Club?
No. If your Mobile Club becomes incredibly large (like in the thousands), then contact us so we can support your special needs.

It's Free?...Seriously?...even if I send a lot of alerts to everyone in my club?
You will not be charged (by us or anyone) for multiple text messages even if you send out a broadcast to everyone.


Monday, April 13, 2009

The Fray's Ben Wysocki on One Tree Hill Podcast No. 48

Ben Wysocki, a band member with The Fray, opens the 48th edition of The One Tree Hill Podcast in this exclusive “Artist Alley” interview. Ben talks about The Fray’s new album and the US tour coming up with Jack’s Mannequin. Also a “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill” segment, with Helen Ward the artist who does all of the artwork for the Peyton Sawyer character. There is also a bonus “Artist Alley” segment with Phillip LaRue, whose song “Found” was on a recent episode of One Tree Hill.


Artwork by Helen Ward from One Tree Hill episode 619.

Also check out the Southern Gothic Productions T-shirts with the company’s new logo at http://southerngothicproductions.blogspot.com/. Right now, fans can buy T-shirts autographed by Hilarie Burton, who plays Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Media Blitz for The Fray Interview on One Tree Hill Podcast

So, my syndicator, Farpoint Media, is going all out to help me promote my interview with The Fray on April 13. They have pulled in their PR contacts and a media alert is going out about the interview. And the owner of WriteBrain Media put all the info on her blog and is sending it to all the media outlets. It is kind of daunting. AHHH

But it is a good thing right? Exposure for the One Tree Hill Podcast and for One Tree Hill. But again, AHHHH!!!

Well, here is the media alert. Check it out:

Band THE FRAY Interviewed Tomorrow On Denise Gideon’s One Tree Hill

—Media Alert—

What: Grammy Award-nominated double-platinum band “The Fray,” renowned for their iconic music on “One Tree Hill,” can be heard Monday evening in a rare interview on Denise Gideon’s One Tree Hill Podcast in a feature called “Artist’s Alley,” which highlights the show’s musical and artistic guests.

When: Monday, April 13, 2009 – 7 p.m. EDT

Where: The interview can be heard and downloaded from the following URLS:


 http://www.itunes.com (One Tree Hill Connection)

Denise Gideon Quote: “I am thrilled to interview The Fray, because their music has been iconic for One Tree Hill fans, and the fans really want to hear from them.”

Forthcoming News: The One Tree Hill Podcast will be interviewing musician and actor Nick Lachey on April 28, 2009; Lachey will have a forthcoming cameo appearance on One Tree Hill, and will perform music for the show.

About The One Tree Hill Podcast:Denise Gideon began podcasting exclusive interviews with One Tree Hill through Farpoint Media on May 20, 2008. Since that time, she has more than 47 interviews with guests ranging from below the line production crew to top musical guests.

About The Fray:Since 2002, this Denver-based four-piece piano rock band formed by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King has gone double platinum and was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2006. Their music has been heard on One Tree Hill, Gray’s Anatomy, Scrubs, and was part of the soundtrack for the film Stealth.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Nick Lachey - Look for Him on Upcoming OTH Podcast

I am so excited to announce that Nick Lachey will be making an appearance on The One Tree Hill Podcast on April 28, one day after his guest stint on One Tree Hill.

I got confirmation today that I will be interviewing Nick next week. So, keep an ear out for Nick's interview in the coming weeks.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Helen Ward - artist for Peyton's Artwork on OTH on Podcast April 13

It was an honor and a privledge to interview Helen Ward, the artist responsible for all of Peyton's artwork on One Tree Hill. There was confusion by some that she has not been with the show since the beginning, but she confirmed in the interview that she has been with the show since the beginning.

Helen is awesome. She really is part of the Peyton character's persona. Hilarie Burton may portray Peyton with her words and mannerisms, but the second part of Peyton, stemming from her art, comes from Helen.

We talked about iconic pieces of artwork from Peyton, the new drawings from the 619 episode and how she also drew all the logos for Red Bedroom Records. It was exciting to do the interview and I did go a bit fan girl but Helen said she loved that I did.

We also joked and talked about how Helen had not only captured the character of Peyton's youth but also Hilarie Burton. We both decided it would be cool to know what Hilarie thought about the drawings of Peyton because they were basically her as well.

Helen and I both decided Hilarie Burton needs to come on the One Tree Hill Podcast to answer that question. LOL

The interview will air April 13. Don't miss it. And on a side note, Helen said this is just the second time she has been interviewed about her artwork for One Tree Hill. Can you believe it?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Fray is Coming to One Tree Hill Podcast April 13

I got confirmation on a time yesterday for interview with The Fray. It is late afternoon on Monday April 13. That means the One Tree Hill Podcast will be posted in the evening on Monday, but I am sure everyone will be okay with that, right?

I have to admit I was 50/50 on whether this would come to fruition. That is why I said at the end of this week's podcast that all interview announcements are subject to change. BUT IT IS HAPPENING.

Again, why is it happening. Because I asked and asked again. And asked one more time.

This is for you guys, the listeners of this podcast. I am proud to host this interview with The Fray for all of you.

This interview is huge for my podcast and I am hoping it will continue to help open doors for me and the podcast.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weird to Have a Story Written About Me

The university I work for did an article on me for thier online newsletter "The Reporter." It was weird to be on the other side of the interview process. Here is the article.


Jack's Mannequin on One Tree Hill Podcast No. 47

Jack’s Mannequin’s Andrew McMahon is the guest in an “Artist Alley” segment for the 47th edition of the One Tree Hill Podcast. In this exclusive interview, just for the One Tree Hill Podcast, Andrew talks about his album “The Glass Passenger” and working with Twilight author Stephanie Meyer on the video for his song “The Resolution.”

NEXT WEEK: An exclusive interview with The Fray for an “Artist Alley” segment and a “Behind the Scenes of One Tree Hill” interview with Helen Ward, the artist behind all of the character of Peyton Sawyer’s artwork.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jack's Mannequin Interview on One Tree Hill Podcast Monday

Don't forget my interview with Andrew McMahon from Jack's Mannequin will begin airing Monday, April 6. It took me forever to secure this interview and then it runs at a perfect time - during a One Tree Hill break. I got 30 minutes with Andrew, which is unprecedented. He was awesome to speak to and so honest and open.

I am so EXCITED for all of you to hear this interview. When it begins airing make sure you spread the word. I want everyone to hear Andrew. He is AMAZING!!!

And guess what? He and his wife are HUGE One Tree Hill fans.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Interviews Keep Coming for One Tree Hill Podcast

So, there are weeks when maybe I have one interview scheduled for my One Tree Hill Podcast, and then there are weeks like next week, when I have three.

I have some really amazing interviews scheduled next week for furture podcasts. Monday I am talking with singer Amie Miriello for the April 21 podcast, because sometimes you have to work ahead. It is key.

Tuesday I have a scheduled interivew with Phillip LaRue. His song "Found" was featured on the March 30 episode of One Tree Hill. That interview will run in the next couple of weeks.

And the last interview of the week has been one I have been wanting to do for months, but the timing was always off. I will be speaking with Helen Ward, the artist who draws all of Peyton's artwork for One Tree Hill. I am most excited to talk with her about the artwork fans saw in the latest One Tree Hill epsides. Again, I am so excited to bring this interview to the listeners, and to also provide new content to the podcast fans while the show is on a break.

Then, of course, the following week I have an interview with The Fray. Not a bad couple of weeks if I do say so myself.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Civil Twilight Album Pushed to Summer Released

I was so looking forward to Civil Twilight's new album this week. I even gave them a shout out on the One Tree Hill Podcast this week. However, I was bummed today when I got an email from band member Rich Wouters today and he told me the album's release date has been pushed to this summer.

But good news comes out of all of this. When the album releases, the One Tree Hill Podcast will be giving away a copy to one lucky fan.