Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lindsay Wolfington, OTH Music Supervisor, is Thinking of Joining Twitter

Lindsay Wolfington, One Tree Hill Music Supervisor, is thinking of joining the Twitter phenomenon. But she wants to know what kind of tweets would One Tree Hill fans like from her.

Here is your chance. Let Lindsay know what you would like t0 read. Post comments here.


A_Shiningstar said...

I'd rather her have a blog... You know how I feel about twitter... ;)

I wouldn't follow her because I'm not on twitter, I don't really follow anyone on twitter b/c of this very reason. The tweets I read, are usually attached to blogs...via a widget. So if she did have a BLOG - I'd follow that. I'd like to read what artists she's working with getting on the shows she supervisors for...not just OTH, but also Ghost Whisperer! :) And of course if there are artist she thinks we should check out. :)

¤¤Marion¤¤ said...

Yeah I'm with Robin :)

I don't have a twitter acount so I don't follow it . But if she wants to join it I think people would like to see new bands that she discovered or why she chose a particular music for a particular scene in the shows she works in .

But I think she should make a blog too ; She defo should make a blog and I'm sure lots of people'd follow it when you see how amazing her work is ..

NatalieR said...

If she's on twitter Id like to here about upcoming songs and bands on OTH and how she picks the songs fro the various scenes? that would be awesome! :)

Shailee said...

yes!!! i love it..my biggest fear is when the show is over i wont have any way of finding out good new artist!!!!

pleeeaaase..u must have one! then u can blog all ur music finds even when OTH is over.

ur the best one there is!!! we love u!

xoxo Shazz