Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Met Fans of One Tree Hill Podcast and Show at a Softball Game

I am in Birmingham, Alabama today working softball games. My Western Carolina softball team is playing at Samford.

Well, I have the picture of me and Hilarie Burton as the background picture on my laptop. Some girls came over that were attending the softball game and saw my picture. One mentioned they loved One Tree Hill, I mentioned I hosted the One Tree Hill Podcast, one thing led to another, and we discovered they are fans of my podcast.

I have to admit, it was a weird feeling. They treated me like a celebrity. Asked me questions about the podcast, the show and who I had met and interviewed.

But the clincher? Are you ready? They asked for a picture with me. Is this how the One Tree Hill cast feels? It was kind of embaressing. Check out the pic.


Aggi said...

That's really cool!! Small world, huh?

L.O.V.E said...

Hey, this is you with Hilarie Burton, right? So cool btw!!

I recognized you when someone posted the pic at OTHforums :)

blueaeryn said...

Haha yes it is.