Friday, April 3, 2009

Interviews Keep Coming for One Tree Hill Podcast

So, there are weeks when maybe I have one interview scheduled for my One Tree Hill Podcast, and then there are weeks like next week, when I have three.

I have some really amazing interviews scheduled next week for furture podcasts. Monday I am talking with singer Amie Miriello for the April 21 podcast, because sometimes you have to work ahead. It is key.

Tuesday I have a scheduled interivew with Phillip LaRue. His song "Found" was featured on the March 30 episode of One Tree Hill. That interview will run in the next couple of weeks.

And the last interview of the week has been one I have been wanting to do for months, but the timing was always off. I will be speaking with Helen Ward, the artist who draws all of Peyton's artwork for One Tree Hill. I am most excited to talk with her about the artwork fans saw in the latest One Tree Hill epsides. Again, I am so excited to bring this interview to the listeners, and to also provide new content to the podcast fans while the show is on a break.

Then, of course, the following week I have an interview with The Fray. Not a bad couple of weeks if I do say so myself.


JaclyneJaye said...

Sounds like you have a great couple weeks ahead of you! I cant wait for the Helen Ward interview! Amazing artwork!

becca16 said...

wouldn't expect any less BD. :)
can't wait to hear everyone-i'm sure they'll all be fab. i know you will at least. ;)