Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Media Blitz for The Fray Interview on One Tree Hill Podcast

So, my syndicator, Farpoint Media, is going all out to help me promote my interview with The Fray on April 13. They have pulled in their PR contacts and a media alert is going out about the interview. And the owner of WriteBrain Media put all the info on her blog and is sending it to all the media outlets. It is kind of daunting. AHHH

But it is a good thing right? Exposure for the One Tree Hill Podcast and for One Tree Hill. But again, AHHHH!!!

Well, here is the media alert. Check it out:

Band THE FRAY Interviewed Tomorrow On Denise Gideon’s One Tree Hill

—Media Alert—

What: Grammy Award-nominated double-platinum band “The Fray,” renowned for their iconic music on “One Tree Hill,” can be heard Monday evening in a rare interview on Denise Gideon’s One Tree Hill Podcast in a feature called “Artist’s Alley,” which highlights the show’s musical and artistic guests.

When: Monday, April 13, 2009 – 7 p.m. EDT

Where: The interview can be heard and downloaded from the following URLS:

 (One Tree Hill Connection)

Denise Gideon Quote: “I am thrilled to interview The Fray, because their music has been iconic for One Tree Hill fans, and the fans really want to hear from them.”

Forthcoming News: The One Tree Hill Podcast will be interviewing musician and actor Nick Lachey on April 28, 2009; Lachey will have a forthcoming cameo appearance on One Tree Hill, and will perform music for the show.

About The One Tree Hill Podcast:Denise Gideon began podcasting exclusive interviews with One Tree Hill through Farpoint Media on May 20, 2008. Since that time, she has more than 47 interviews with guests ranging from below the line production crew to top musical guests.

About The Fray:Since 2002, this Denver-based four-piece piano rock band formed by schoolmates Isaac Slade and Joe King has gone double platinum and was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2006. Their music has been heard on One Tree Hill, Gray’s Anatomy, Scrubs, and was part of the soundtrack for the film Stealth.



A_Shiningstar said...

Very exciting!!! Can't wait to hear the interview.

Kaitlin said...

Yes PD!!! So you'll be interviewing them tonight, and the podcast will be up next Tuesday? Best of luck, you're such a pro I'm sure it'll be great!

JaclyneJaye said...

That is super awesome PD!! Excited to hear it!!