Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Countdown Begins - One Week Until My Birthday

Yeah, as the title suggests, my birthday is in one week - April 22. It usually isn't that special because I have to work on my birthday. But, this year, I am getting to do some great things before and after my birthday.

The day before my birthday, April 21, I got invited by Rosi Golan to see her concert in Knoxville, Tenn. - which is also my hometown. So, I get to see my family as well. Rosi is touring with William Fitzsimmons, so I get to see him perform as well.

A week before my birthday, TODAY, I am interviewing Nick Lachey, which isn't too bad either. LOL

And next Friday I am going out with a bunch of friends - some of my favorite people. We have been talking about our big night our for weeks - everyone is stoked about it. And I have to say beverages will be involved.

It has been a good year for me - dare I say great? Just excited for what is to come.

And can you believe that in mid May I will have been doing my One Tree Hill Podcast for a year? Unbelievabley. I have a wish for who I would like as a guest on the one-year anniversary of my One Tree Hill Podcast.

Can ANYONE guess who that guest could be?


JaclyneJaye said...

Have fun interviewing Nick today! Sounds like you have an exciting week and a bit ahead of you. Hope it is all great! For the anniversary podcast Im going to guess the lovely Hilarie Burton... :D

Lily's Poet said...

Good luck for your today's interview with Nick Lachey!
What a program for the next days to come...Wish you a lot of fun!!!
And I totaly agree with JJ on the first podcast anniversary, Hilarie Burton of course :D

Anonymous said...

Too Easy...Miss Hilarie Burton herself would be your wish for a first anniversary podcast. :) I really hope it happens for you too! :)

blueaeryn said...

Haha guys, I guess it wasn't hard to guess after all. :)