Sunday, April 26, 2009

50th One Tree Hill Podcast this Week

I am doing the prep work for this week's One Tree Hill Podcast, which is highlighted by an interview with Nick Lachey, and still shocked it will be my 50th podcast. WOW!!!

I can't believe it. Really I can't. And next month I will celebrate the podcast's one year anniversary. Remember, I only started watching One Tree Hill in February of 2008. Then I tentatively started this podcast, caught the ear of my syndicator and the rest as they say is history.

Writing is my passion. I love to put the words together and create a story and a scenario, when it comes to my game stories. I have always been able to interview people, but I never took a broadcasting class in my life. All this podcasting stuff I taught myself. I asked advice and took it.

Someone told me my interview questions to long on my podcast so I tried to cut them shorter. I have tried to sound confidant and ask specific questions. And everyone likes praise right? Well, I have had a few of the people I interviewed say I was a great interviewer and everyone leaves saying they have had so much fun. That is what I tell them at the start of the interview - we are just going to have some fun today. So, it is nice to know they are having fun.

On May 25 I will air my One Tree Hill Podcast One Year Anniversary Special. I am lining up some surprise guests, I am putting together clips of past interviews (and maybe a few bloopers) and also clips from some of my episode reviews.

So, if you have any favorite clips let me know. BTW, it still shocks me to go on fan boards and read people using the phrase I coined "scene suckers." It is kind of daunting. LOL


crissy said...

I would love for you to show the scene of Naley (james and haley) on the first night of their wedding.

A_Shiningstar said...

EEE! Very excited about suprise guests! :) I have hopes for who they might be...I hope it happens. We shall see I suppose. :)

VerĂ³nica said...

Wow D, that's exciting... I'm looking forward to hear the special podcast, I'm sure it's going to be great, as always... thank you for all the work...