Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Civil Twilight's New Album Comes out March 31 - BUY!

I have been waiting on Civil Twilight's debut album "Human" since I interviewed them for the One Tree Hill Podcast last fall. I knew it was a must buy when the guys in the band invited me to see them play a fall festival in Greenville, S.C. last October. They totally rocked it. Completely amazing.

The trio that makes up Civil Twilight is from South Africa. They are currently residing in Nashville, Tenn. which I found kind of strange. But there is a sect of singer/songwriters in Nashville that, if you can believe it, don't play country music. Shocker, I know.

Well, I felt privledged to be invited by the boys to see them play and then chat with them for a while. These guys are very talented. I mean, they are awesome. Did I say they are awesome?

Mark my words, they are going to be HUGE.

Check out their myspace page:

And buy their album "Human" on iTunes or CD March 31.


littlechristy32 said...

Love Civil Twilight. Thanks for the heads up about the new CD.

calina15 said...

oh man... i love civil twilight.
will definitely have to keep an eye out for their CD.
Thanks for sharing

NatalieR said...

Hey PD,

OMG I cant believe that Civil Twilight are from South Africa!!! I had NO idea!! :O Thanks for that piece of info!! Im still in shock haha Im so happy an awesome band like them come from here :) You just made my Day PD!!

Oh a really good rock band that originally from here and that has made it huge in the States is called Seether. You should totally check them out if you get a chance. They've just recently done a cover of George Michaels "Careless Whisper"