Monday, March 2, 2009

How Did I Get Here? How Did I Do it?

I don't know how many emails I have gotten in the last two weeks or so asking me how i got here. Here? Where is here?

Oh, you mean my One Tree Hill Podcast? What? How I got started? How I get the interviews? What?

One word comes to mind. PERSISTENCE!!!!!!!

If you tell me I can't do something then I want to prove to you that I can. If you tell me no, then I wait a few weeks and ask you again. Don't take no for an answer - take it as a maybe.

I look around sometimes and wonder how I got here. Each week collecting interviews and putting together these podcasts. Making fast friendships with people I didn't even know a year ago, and now I can't imagine not talking to them at least once a week.

But I think they saw my passion and how I don't do something I enjoy half-way.

It doesn't hurt to ask. All people can say is no.

I have heard no a lot in the last year. But I keep asking.

And most of time the no turns to yes.

Thanks to everyone who has been with me on this journey so far. From my humble beginnings, reading a script to my first podcast, to my first artist interview with Jarrod Gorbel from The Honorary Title, till now.

I do it for all One Tree Hill fans, I have said that all along. And you will never know what all your support has meant to me.

This week I debuted messages from fans for Hilarie Burton and Kelly Tenney for their company Southern Gothic Productions. It was a lot of work but afterwards I felt a sense of accomplishment. My small gesture brought people together and maybe, just maybe, it helped Hilarie and Kelly to move one step closer to their goal. And that feels pretty good.


SolShine7 said...

That's awesome. I'm new to the podcast and I've enjoyed it thus far. Keep up the good work!

Kaitlin said...

P.D. -
You rock. I love the podcasts and your tenacity definitely inspires me to work harder on my various independent projects whether it be this script I can't get finished, or just putting more effort into my blog. Thanks for making the efforts you do...OTH fans really appreciate it.
~Kaitlin from Boston.

Stargazer said...

Thank you for all of your hard work Podcaster Denise. We, the legion of One Tree Hill fans, are very thankful for it. You're doing what a lot of us wish we were doing and you definitely keep us coming back for more.

We appreciate you!


Neera said...

PD, Your podcasts are great. You work so hard and it shows through the podcasts. Great work and keep it up! Thanks for doing all this for the fans :-)


P.S. What did they say about the messages from the fans?