Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sons of William (Band) Great Interview for OTH Podcast

Today I interviewed the band Sons of William. I talked to brothers Joe and David Stark. Before the interview I admit I was unsure how it would go. They were a band I was just introduced to, and though I did my research, I felt a bit out of sorts.

The funny thing is, though, it is these very same interivews that always turn out to be the best. Like my interview with Matthew Caws, from Nada Surf, that will be airing on the One Tree Hill Podcast on March 10. I was unsure how that one would play out as well, but it was awesome.

Joe and David are great guys. Singer/songwriters, the brothers travel with a third band member, Jen. They really love the music and infuse their background of music, from the Southern Louisiana area, into their style.

It was their first time doing a podcast interview and I told them I felt honored to be the first to host them. But I truly believe I won't be the last. Great band and some awesome music.

They are currently touring and I suggest everyone hit up their myspace page or their website, check if they will be your area, and go see them.

And look for the interview on the One Tree Hill Podcast beginning March 24.


rachel/the sheriff said...

Hey there - I work with Sons of William and would love to hear the podcast - where can I actually find it on the 24th? Sorry I'm not familiar with your podcast, I found this blog due to my Google Alert for them. Thanks!

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