Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Amazed - What More Can I Say?

First, the title of this blog is from my favorite My Morning Jacket song "I'm Amazed." Still think it should make an appearance on a One Tree Hill episode. Working on wearing OTH Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfingto down to find a place for it. :)

So, why am I amazed? Have you ever had one of THOSE days???? Just one of those days that you wonder how anyone could or would take drugs, because you are just on this emotional high.

That is me.

These last two days I got confirmation on four amazing interviews for upcoming One Tree Hill Podcasts. I really don't want to mention which ones, so I don't jinx it. But I can say they are two actors from One Tree Hill and two amazing musical artists.

This is it. This is big, HUGE, tremendous.

I asked Lindsay Wolfington if the musical ones would assure that I was in. She said I already was IN. LOL Don't know about that Lindsay, but it is nice of you to say.

So that is my update. Today, I am amazed.

Oh, and want to add a new musical find for me - The Pat McGee Band. Check them out.

BTW, I have decided on the contest to give away the three signed 612 One Tree Hill scripts. It will be One Tree Hill and One Tree Hill Podcast trivia. So, get those brains working.

Contest will begin March 16.

Podcaster Denise
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Smeggar said...

I know you're building us up to some core 5 cast interviews Denise. With Lee, Antwon and now Barbara you've had some OTH originals now surely the next step is core 5??? Congratulations on the progress you've made. The podcasts just get better and better. I particularly enjoyed the recent one with Lindsay Wolfington. Thanks for making our lives better.

a-shiningstar said...

So excited! I kind of have a feeling about maybe two of 4 interviews...actually maybe 3 ideas...Can't wait to find out who they are! I am slightly worried about the OTH podcast trivia...I should probably go back and listen to old podcasts! Like all the ones I haven't listened to...and maybe even some that I did listen to. lol

Lily's Poet said...

This is pretty exciting, can't wait that you told us who this misterious people you will interview are... But I'm sure there are great great great ones considering all the way you've come by with ur podcast! You're just so creative with it. Here, we're are used to compare the experience of life with good wines that are getting better with time... In this context, I thing u're doing the same with ur podcast ;)