Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review of Indie Film "The Cake Eaters"

Earlier in the week, I blogged about the film "The Cake Eaters," which featured new Twilight mega-star Kristen Stewart. The film was kind of lost until Kristen became huge and now it is being released, and I am glad it did.

The Cake Eaters is directed by former teen 80s star Mary Stuart Masterson and it was an amazing freshman effort. The film has interwoven stories of loss, wanting and hope. Two brothers and a father deal with the loss of their mother and a wife. And a young girl named Georgia, played by Kristen Stewart, must deal with the fact that a dibilitating illness while cause her to loose her life before she turns 18.

It sounds depressing, I know. But there is such a sense of hope that permeates throughout the film. Georgia makes you realize that life truly is short and you have to make the most of your life. You have to seize it with both fists and dare anyone to pry it from your hands.

Watch this film. If you had doubts about Kristen Stewart's acting you won't doubt after seeing her in this film.

And as I said in the chat last night, watching this indie film, I had a different perspective for it. As I have seen the slow process of Hilarie Burton's company Southern Gothic Productions in its infancy. I know any film in SGP's hands will be just as poignant and beautiful.

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