Friday, March 6, 2009

Southern Gothic Productions Connects the Dots

There is an idea, the idea starts slow, then it grows, people find the idea, adopt the idea, make it their own and the idea grows to something more. It becomes and ideal, a dream and then a promise.

Last time I spoke of lyrics and what they can mean to someone. They are so much like words in a novel that create a story. The author creates a world and characters and gives it to the others. Readers of the book take in the story and make it their own. Creating their own world from the author's creation and bringing the characters into their lives.

Today, I heard the company born of an ideal, Southern Gothic Productions, amassed over 500 followers on their blog site - just over a month after launching the site. A blog site that introduced an idea and have been asking others to follow.

But just like lyrics from a song, or pages in a novel, followers of Southern Gothic Productions have taken the ideal of the company and created something more. Most would admit they found the site because of their admiration of Hilarie Burton but have stayed for other reasons.

I have said before I believe this site has grown from a fan base to a community. People have found others on the site live in their same city. Others have bonded over books, music and like-minded ideals.

Myself? I have found an instant friend in Becca and we have already planned a trip together to see The Fray in Georgia this summer. This is someone I had never met before beginning to chat on the SGP blog site.

People come on and talk about their day, their amazment of the new ideals of Southern Gothic Productions, or talk about the blog site's latest blog submission. It truly is amazing.

Southern Gothic Productions is connecting the dots - from the ideas of an author about a script, to the characters in the script, to presenting the script to a young woman who so desperately wants to create quality in the town she has adopted as her own, to passing the script and her ideals to someone she considers a confidante, to deciding to turn a script into a movie, to turning an actor named Austin to a character named Lincoln, to introudcing the process from its infancy to a fanbase that turns into a community, to a community that becomes a family, and then back to a company called Southern Gothic Productions - who are doing things in innovative ways.

And asking everyone to help finish the portrait.



becca16 said...

i am so glad we met. you have become a dear friend so fast and i am honored to know you. thank you for your kind words. I can't wait for the Fray! mainly, because i get to see you in person. Yay! thanks for being awesome.

calina15 said...

I totally feel the same way. This SGP community has allowed so many amazing people to come together. I'm glad that you and Becca are gonna get a chance to meet, and I'm glad to have "met" you through this chat as well.

Keep being awesome!


a-shiningstar said...

Amazing how awesome SGP is....very well written! Awesome blog Denise! :)


Stargazer said...

Well said PD! You always know the right words to say ... thank you for all the hard work, so the rest of us can be "in the know".


Shailee said...

hey, i'm going 2 c the fray this month in Sydney!! i'll tell ya how it goes! xox

Maygen said...

this is truly uplifting
i made a video for sgp as well and im also very inspired =)

great blog i enjoyed hearing your thoughs

Anonymous said...

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