Monday, February 16, 2009

40th Podcast Posted And more

WOW, just posted my 40th podcast. A long way from the scared girl who hosted her first podcast way back in May.

I am sometimes amazed how this podcast exploded. The people I have interviewed and the friends I have made. It truly is a small world, thinks Disney, if you think about it.

I was sitting at a player's families' house, I work for a women's basketball team in college athletics, Friday night just chillin on Friday the 13th when I got this call out of the blue. I am trying to get this really great band to come on the podcast, I won't mention who because I don't want to jinx it, but I get a call from the manager of the band about them coming on.

The cool thing is that I have worked with this guy before for another artist. He remembers me, asks me if I am affiliated with One Tree Hill, I answer of course and he can check with Lindsay Wolfington or one of the Associate Producers, he says no need he believes me.

So, the band is heading out on tour late this week but I would really love the interview to go with my podcast next week, and then he says he will try and work something out. BAM work something out.

When I hung up, I looked around where I was, dealing with stuff for my real job, just hanging out with my players and coaches I consider family and told everyone. They were so excited for me.

And it turned out to be a great weekend. The basketball team won in overtime and then I got to spend all day Sunday at home, and off from work. That is HUGE during basketball season.

So, yes, I am still hustling for new guests for the podcast and savoring the ones I have right now.

But most of all, I feel blessed I got this opportunity. Because, if One Tree Hill ends, I know what I want to do next. I want to turn the podcast into all music. I love music, and the artists that make me feel so much with just a simple song.

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Realme2008 said...

Yay! Happy 40th podcast Denise! I'm so proud of you. That is so good that your basketball won in overtime. :) I'm curious as to who this band is. Any clues?