Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Southern Gothic Productions Has Cool Chat Site

So I was surfing around the web this evening and happened upon the Southern Gothic Productions blog site, run by Hilarie Burton and Kelly Tenney. I check in there from time to time to see what is up.

Tonight I noticed their little chat box was back up and people were chatting. I stepped in and introduced myself and began chatting. Some very cool and nice people there. And I was surprised how many people said they have heard and listened to my One Tree Hill Podcast.

I got to talking to some of the people and then one person who was running the chat asked me if I would like to be a moderator. I was like, okay, no worries. So, 20 minutes later, after making my first chat post, I found myself a moderator of the Southern Gothic Productions blog chat.

Pretty cool. I also sent the SGP folks the clip of my interview next week with OTH Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington in which we mentioned Hilarie Burton and her production company.

I am planning on doing a little update on the Southern Gothic Productions blog site in the intro of my podcast next week. I know what it is like to try and get a project off the ground, even though mine was on a smaller scale, and getting your name out no matter how big or small is always helpful.

So, make sure to stop by the Southern Gothic Productions Blog site and jump on the chat and see what these talented folks are trying to accomplish. It seems they are moving in the right direction. :)


calina15 said...

Hey Denise!
It was pretty fun chatting with you and several other tonight (I'm Raquel btw). Its so funny how fast doors can fly open for opportunities like being a moderator and such. Again, congrats and all of these cool things going for ya! Looking forward to the next podcast.

titania said...

Ey Denise...
It was nice meeting you in person, I hear your podcast when I can... So, we see each other in the chat (I was surprise too when they asked me to be co-moder... the first one in far, far away... :-)).

Realme2008 said...

Whoa, after only 20 minutes you were a moderator? That's so cool!

Lily's Poet said...

Well, it was not yesterday night but it was nice to chat with you yesterday afternoon!
That's cool you're a moderator, congrats!