Friday, February 27, 2009

Southern Gothic Productins Art Project, Musings and OTH Signed Scripts Giveaway

So yesterday was kind of weird. A true rollercoaster.

But a pair of good news parts on my end. I got a Twitter message from Kelly Tenney saying nice words on SGP Voicemails blog and I got three scripts to giveaway on my podcast from One Tree Hill.

The scripts are signed by Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton, James Lafferty, Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Galeotti. They are sweet. Well, there are four but one is for me. LOL

So, just trying to decide how to give them away. Will take suggestions. I am looking to give the first one away the week One Tree Hill returns, March 16.

And then I am sitting here lamenting and rejoicing it is Friday. Big deal, I have to work two basketball games tomorrow. And then Sunday I have a bunch of editing to do on my podcast.

Not to mention all the messages people left for Hilarie Burton and Southern Gothic Productions I am going to include in my podcast. I really hope they will enjoy them. There are some great ones and they are from all over the globe.

I think I like doing this. Interviews, helping people with projects and just promotion. After all it is part of my real job. LOL The OTH reviews become a chore sometimes but I love asking questions about the intricate work of the inside and out of a project. I am seriously thinking of shifting the focus of my podcast at some point. Just have to find a breather to do it.

Oh, and my friend Em is working on a special project for the Southern Gothic Productions team. I want to show the rougth draft, though I should probably wait, because I am so excited to give it to them. She is inking it today, but check it out:


becca16 said...

Denise, I am very interested in this contest dear. I will make you 2 cakes and give you awesome award of the month. Haha. Sounds great. looking forward to it.

calina15 said...

Definitely sounds like you have a lot on your plate!
I'm excited aboutthat contest as well (and leave it to Becca to leave an equation in her comment)
Happy friday!

JaclyneJaye said...

Yes, most definitley interested in this contest you are speaking of!! Also really excited to hear the messages! Awesome that you're getting them from all over!! :)

Maygen said...

i will absolutely be entering your contest denise! i mean, thats a signed script =)

good luck to the team, give them my best wishes.

hmm, some ideas for the contest, maybe you could have people call in and say why they deserve to win, or why they would like to win. they could design some oth podcast art... t shirts, pastries, posters, banners, other clothing items (you would pick the best).

other than that, im not sure, thats a tough one, you're going to be very popular while you have those scripts on hand!

best of luck,

Niamh said...

Since it's a script giveaway, i think any potential contest should involve writing (fiction or non fiction, oth related or not, these are all semantics). That or names out of a hat.

Brana said...

Oooooh, this script giveaway sounds very exciting!!!! Do you know which episode they are for? Not that it matters, im just curious. I like the idea of calling in and saying why we should win it. I can't wait for this contest as well as your upcoming podcasts!!!!!