Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Which Cast Members Would You Like to See in One Tree Hill For Season Seven?

With all the talk about season seven and which cast members will and will not be returning, I have included this poll to kind of gauge the feelings of One tree Hill fans. I know the One Tree Hill cast and crew check out the podcast from time to time so I am hoping they can come on and see how the fans feel.

Please vote and I will discuss finding on my March 2 podcast and beyond.


Stargazer said...

Neat poll ... what's even better? I went to 'See how users in Washington are polling' and found that Washington is a Green state ... which means WE WANT HILARIE BACK FOR SEASON SEVEN ~ 100% !!!!!

Thanks for the poll 'Podcaster Denise' :)


Realme2008 said...

I'm sorry, but I love OTH and have watched the show faithfully and religiously for six seasond now. Mainly for Peyton, because she's my favorite character and love Hilarie. I wouldn't watch the show anymore if she left.

L.O.V.E said...

I definatly want to see Hilarie Burton(Peyton) because that's my fave character, and 'Leyton' is my favorite couple..

But even if HB and/or CMM leave after this season, I'll still watch because I still love the show as a whole, and not just for Peyton or Hilarie Burton..
She's just my favoreit character :)

Thanks for the poll btw :)