Friday, February 13, 2009

Heading Back on the Road, but Feel Accomplished

Well, I am headed back on the road with my women's basketball team today. We are headed to Greensboro, N.C.

I do feel accomplished, though. I finished my One Tree Hill Podcast for next week already. I have to say, I think it is one of my best. Minor character guests, but all three girls were great. I am speaking with Cassandra Jean, who plays Brooke in the movie, Alexandra Sgambati, playing Peyton in the movie and Kelsey Chow who plays Gigi. All three are awesome.

I was most impressed with Alex. She is still in high school trying to balance her pursuit of acting with a normal life. Very smart young girl. She was probably one of my favorite interviews.

I also had a blast this week interviewing OTH Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington. We have become kind of friends I guess, and I think that shows in the interviews. I have already edited that interview and can't wait for you guys to hear it on Feb. 23.

As I have said, working hard on other interviews. I have to set up a time for another guest next week. And looking at a few musical artists as well.

I have mixed feelings about the is the show ending or is it not. I have had a great ride with this podcast and I don't think I could find the passion in something to start another one, on a show at least.

I may take my contacts with music managers and such and begin an Indie Artist Podcast. I think that would be fun.

But just like Lindsay said at the end of her podcast interview, she and I both aren't ready to pull the curtain on OTH. If certain actors leave, I think it can live on. Or maybe I am just being selfish because I don't want this ride to end.

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Niamh said...

Can't wait to hear those three interviews, Denise! Particularly from the girls playing "Brooke" and "Peyton", since i'm sure that would be a pretty daunting task for any young actress.