Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting Nice Comments and Feedback

It is always nice to get feedback. I got a couple of really cool emails yesterday about my One Tree Hill Podcast.

The first was by one of my recent interviews, Alexandra Sgambati who plays a younger Peyton the One Tree Hill movie storyline. Alex was great and when the podcast ran with her interview this week I sent her the link. She emailed me back and said she listened to the whole podcast and it sounded great and wished me luck on everything in the future.

It is funny. You never know what a word or a gesture will mean to someone else. I emailed her back and told her it was my pleasure and I was sure I would be able to say I knew her when later down the road.

Alex emailed back and said I didn't know what that comment meant to her. It was a nice gesture and I truly do think she is going to go far in her persuits of acting. So, good luck Alex, though I don't think you will need it.

I also got a message from a listener of the podcast who said she started watching One Tree Hill last January after her niece got her hooked. She then got caught up on the show on SoapNet. She then said she had also been catching up on my podcasts and said I was doing a great job.

You never know who is listening when you do a podcast like mine. I started the podcast last May just to get my views out. I never really put very much thought into who might be listening. I was doing it for myself and some friends. But then it kind of grew and now the podcast kind of has a life of its own. Which is kind of scary at times.

I really enjoy doing the podcast, especially all the interviews. But, it is out there on the wonderful internet, and you really don't know who might be listening. Which can be kind of daunting.

But then I get nice comments or reviews and it kind of makes it all worth while.


calina15 said...

Well just to encourage you a little more...
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your podcasts as well. I listened to it for the first time a couple of weeks ago when you interviewed Lee Noris and enjoyed it very much. I went back a listened to a couple of other interviews as well. You do have a great talent and I'm glad you have this opportunity to do something that you love and share it with other people.
so, thank you!

Realme2008 said...

Yeah, Denise I really love ur podcasts and they really go great after watching an episode of OTH, then getting to hear your views on it.

blueaeryn said...

WOW, thanks. I really appreciate it. I truly mean it. I do the podcast for the fans of One Tree Hill and hustle after interviews because I want to do them and you guys to hear what people have to say.

Niamh said...

I love your podcasts too - it's amazing to me that a fan podcast can be so much better than the official network podcast. I guess there's no substitute for genuinely caring about the show.

I'm so impressed with the guests you manage to get on, and how interactive you try to make the podcast. You seem like a really lovely, warm person and definitely a great host - congrats :)

Realme2008 said...

I completely agree, Niamh.
You said that so beautifully. :)