Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What is Passion and Where Did Mine Go?

One definition of passion is: feeling very strongly about a subject. I am a passionate person. I find something that peeks my interest and I run with it.

I guess that is why I am good at my job. I love sports, especially basketball, and I love to promote the hell out of my team - love it the most when they are winning. And then you always get that one player that is AWESOME and you can promote them for the "big time" awards. It makes me feel vindicated when I tell them follow me and I will lead you to something special.

So, that "passion" sometimes finds itself in my recreational activities. Like reading, music, viewing habits and also the podcast I do. My "passion" for my podcast is what got me a syndication deal. It was the first thing they said about me when they approached me.

But lately that fire, that passion is waning. I don't know, maybe because I am all over the place with everything I am trying to do. A balancing act between my job, my interests and things that makes me happy. And "March Madness" approaching.

I never wanted my One Tree Hill Podcast to be a job, but it now feels like it is. I am not complaining and I have gotten to do and see some amazing things because of it.

But I get bored easily and sometimes my passion fades. I have found an aspect of this podcast that is taking my interest in another direction. I love the "artist alley" segments. The funny thing is that my syndicator told me I needed to step it up a notch and I added the artist interviews to help with that.

Now, it is the most important part of the podcast to me. I will never forget how excited and nervous I was to interview Jarrod Gorbel from "The Honorary Title." Pretty sweet first interview wasn't it?

Then interviewing Matthew Caws of Nada Surf was like a really WOW moment. And he was so cool and down to earth.

Now that I have contacts with music managers and such, and the ability to name drop Lindsay Wolfington (sorry THE Lindsay Wolfington - and thanks for allowing me to name drop) I am getting some amazing people to email me back.

The cast of One Tree Hill interviews have been fun as well but I want something more.

I love talking to the indie artists because it is music at the purist form. Hearing how a song is formed and what it means to them.

Before the announcement of a seventh season of OTH I thought of transitioning the podcast to just muisc and I may still do that. Unless I re-discover my passion.


Shailee said...

hey i got a great idea. shorten the podcast. lots of them are over an hour. it takes to long to listen to let alone organise i can imagine. so pick an artist alley one week, interview another, cut down ur work load, becuase as interesting as it is, it doesn't substitute ur life. ps. best to imagine ur life without it - if it is worse or u miss it (or not) then u know ur answer! xoxo

Realme2008 said...

Don't stop doing the OTH, podcasts Denise!!! I love them so much, and I love listening to them after I watch a OTH episode. I couldn't imagine life without them. I just think you have to find ur balance, and you will be fine. Don't stress urself out about it though, because I'm sure you are doing great!