Thursday, February 26, 2009

Southern Gothic Productions Voicemails Have Been Amazing

I have been collecting voicemail messages on my One Tree Hill Podcast voicemail all week for Southern Gothic Productions team, and they have been amazing. Everyone is leaving such great messages and I have noticed the underlying theme, besides the support, is how many people have said this project has inspired them to move forward with something in their lives. WOW, I think that is pretty cool.

We all have that secret desire to break out of our shell and do something. But so many times inhibitions and fear of failure keep us in our little boxes. Make us the sheep of soceity.

But sometimes it takes just one person, or even three, to have the courage to go after what they want and it can make others believe they can do it as well. And I think that is what makes Southern Gothic Productions Special - they started this train asking everyone to hop on board and enjoy the ride. And everyone is.

I tip my hat, haha, to all of you at SGP as well as all the supporters who are giving them the words of encouragement to venture forth.

BTW, longest message winner so far went almost two mintues. But hey, that person had a lot to say.

But keep those messages coming if you haven't left one yet. Come on and "ride the train."

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