Sunday, February 22, 2009

New One Tree Hill Podcast Monday

A new One Tree Hill Podcast begins airing tomorrow, Feb. 23. It is always like Christmas for me when it is time to launch a new podcast. I always have to control myself NOT to post it early.

Especially when it is a podcast like the one tomorrow. We get to spend the whole podcast talking to One Tree Hill Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington. Almost an hour with the musical selection queen of One Tree Hill.

We talk songs of season six so far, songs that she thinks defines One Tree Hill and THE song she thinks should close out the series when it airs for the final time.

I am also pleased to go into detail about how fans can leave a message for Hilarie, Kelly, Nick and Austin about Southern Gothic Productions and their film "Pedestrian."

Again, check out the info about leaving a voicemail here:

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Realme2008 said...

Cool, Denise can't wait to hear it! :)