Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Musing and Reality - It Can Sober You

So, I was going to get on the blog today and talk about some things Kelly Tenney said in the Southern Gothic Productions blog chat today. It is some pretty cool stuff, but then reality kind of reared it's head.

My best friend, Shelby, texted me and told me her mom has stage one breast cancer. That is like a BAM moment for me. See, we have been doing these Pink Zone Games at our women's basketball game, since I work in college athletics, for breast cancer awereness.

We wear our pink, play our games and do it for the cause. But "the cause" has never hit so close to home for me. Shelby's mom is like a second mom to me. She was there for me through some tough times two years ago. And I feel bad because I have kind of lost touch with her lately. So, how do you text or call someone after hearing that? What do you do.

It is true. We all get wrapped up in our own lives. We enjoy those amazing fun streaks life puts you on sometimes where everything seems to be going your way. But there are others that must weather the storm life throws at them. And it kind of jerks you back to the real world and real life.

My life has been a whirlwind of 20 different things going on at once. My work, my podcast and my other interests have my brain like swiss cheese. All over the place.

But news like this grounds you. Makes you want to do something and makes me realize "really realize" why we wore pink.

But back to Kelly for a moment. He said that he and Hilarie are looking to produce music for a local artist in Willmington. So that is pretty cool. I think these two are on that ride of life where things are going well.

And I think it proves, though it is cliche, you HAVE to take each day and make it special and enjoy the light. Because you never know when the dark ones will come.

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Niamh said...

Wow, yeah, this is a subject that is very personal to me at the moment too, and I completely get what you mean about not knowing what to say. I think something is always better than nothing though, even if you feel unsure. Even a letter or a card, just to let her know you're thinking of her.

As for the news about kt and hilarie - that sounds really cool, i guess i wasn't around when that was mentioned in the chat. Where IS the chat box btw?!