Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WARNING - Don't Write a Blog on Two Hours Sleep

Interesting what lack of sleep will do to you.

I just re-read my latest blog. I don't remember writing half of it. I would blame my favorite excuse, alcohol, but haven't had any in weeks. Always do my best writing after a couple of beers.

But, this time I blame a four-day road trip, two huge wins by my basketball team, and arriving back home Tuesday morning at 5 a.m.

I think I am jsut a bit burnt out. I don't do anything half way so doing my One Tree Hill Podcast and doing my job has me all over the place.

I want to keep up, ya' know. I asked a friend of mine once, what would listeners think of my podcast one week if I didn't have an artist or other "special people" as a guest on my podcast? She said don't you think people would still listen? I am not so sure.

Being a perfectionist has set the bar pretty high and so I am trying to hurdle it every week. But what if I stumble? What if I lose my place? Where am I then?

Not to mention I barrell full throttle into other things as well. Like doing the voicemails for Southern Gothic Productions. No one asked me to do it, and hell, who says anyone cares that I did. But I am and I guess it will be interesting.

And then people believing I make serious coin off my podcast. Truth? I haven't seen a dime yet. Supposed to soon but, for me, it was never about the money. I was happy paying my 10 bucks a month hosting it myself. They came to me, I agreed, and here I am.

So, don't think I am benefitting too greatly from this. I guess my payment is some perks, cool interviews and one day soon, some great memories. And a great experience.


becca16 said...

Hey Denise. I just want you to know that you have some big fans out there (me) and we would listen to you if all you did was clink glasses together. You've done an amazing job and really conquered the impossible in less than a year so you should feel really proud. Don't lose that feeling of accomplishment and don't feel bad for moving on to other things, because sometimes the passion does burn out and you have to try to find another to ignite. I'm proud of ya girl and so are a lot of other people out there. See ya later at SGP. :) -Becca

blueaeryn said...

Thank you so much Becca ...I truly appreciate the kind and amazing words.

Realme2008 said...

Wow, how are were you functioning off of two hours of sleep?! I agree with Becca that you are doing a great job, and it's really like you are one of those fancy network pod casters. You are doing a wonderful kick ass job, Denise!

a-shiningstar said...

Denise, I think what you need is sleep/rest, just a little break from things. You work really hard at all you do. People appreciate it - we really do. I'll keep tuning in to the podcast. You also shouldn't feel bad about taking a week off the podcast if you need to. We'd still be here the next week, ready for more. :)

Shailee said...

hey denise, i sent u a comment before about how u should cut down ur blog for more time, and i have to say i greatly apologise. after reading this blog i can see ur integgrity and care not for urself but wat others would think if u didn't give ur all. and that hold high merit. so plz excuse my brash and heartless thinkin to suggest what i'm sure crossed ur mind but wavered to integrity. thankyou for opening my eye and helping me one step closer to being more commited in giving 100% of myself in what i do, rather than a mere 50. take care, loyal reader; shailee xoxo