Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guest News For One Tree Hill Podcast - Barbara Alyn Woods

Well, I was bummed when I got word a new episode of One Tree Hill will not be until March 16 now, instead of March 9. But, there is always a reason for things and the one week push has allowed me to secure a great interview for March 9 podcast.

I have just gotten an interview with Barabara Alyn Woods who plays the role of Deb on One Tree Hill. This will be my third cast member I have interviewed that has been with the show since the beginning. And it is cool because she will follow a week after my interview with Antwon Tanner.

Still working on some more great musical guests. I just have to have patience, I am being told, and so I wait. After all, half the battle is getting these music managers to email you back.


Realme2008 said...

Yeah, I was really bummed too. Wondering how long they are going to leave us hanging around? I'm so happy you got Barbara Alynn though, and I can't wait to listen to the interview. She hasn't been on the show in a while. It's almost like they have forgotten about her character. What's the reason behind it I wonder?

P. Sawyer (lau) said...

Awesome Denise,
I can't wait to hear the interview
I love Barbara and I miss Deb too.

great work denise with your podcast and with this blog

Anonymous said...

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