Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hilarie is the Pied Piper - We are Mice

We were chatting on the SoGo blog chat and I was talking about a promotional project I am working on. Then I was talking about the Southern Gothic Productions blog site and how it really is tapping into a strongly built fan base - fans of Hilarie Burton that is.

And what a great tool the blog site is and how it kind of lets people know what they are doing and making them feel they are working with them from the ground level. Letting people know the passion of their project and sharing it with them.

I said well, it is like the pied piper effect. And since we are all very creative "cool kids" Becca came up with this equation: hilarie=pied piper us=mice

Haha seems to fit doesn't it?

ETA: This was all said in fun and jest and hopefully no one is offended by this analogy. It was truly meant as a compliment.

1 comment:

becca16 said...

like a glove Denise!

oh we are so on for a fray concert too. that'b be Sweeeet! than and jack's mannequin! i'd probably pee myself-ok well hopefully not, but i'll freak out for sure!