Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great Last Couple of Days, I Won't Lie

Okay, have you ever had a run of just GREAT and amazing days strung together? I am on that streak right now I guess.

It all started yesterday with my interview with Matthew Caws from Nada Surf for my One Tree Hill Podcast. Matthew was, well, totally awesome. We talked music, how he composed the music for key scenes for 617 and I got clearance to totally dissect the episode even before it airs.

I felt very honored the One Tree Hill people trusted me with that information. And now, don't worry Steve, I am not spilling spoilers. You have me trained.

Now, you are wondering could it get better? Read down to the last two blogs, yes it did. Hilarie stops by the Southern Gothic Productions blog chat and then, WOW, I get my shoutout from Hilarie in her vlog. And as I stated before, I think it is time to make a name change.

You may now call me Podcaster Denise. LOL

But wait, it gets better. I am on a road trip with my women's basketball team, from Western Carolina, right now.

Well, today we played our big rival Chattanooga. In 65 meetings, Western Carolina had only won nine times. Well, after today make that 10!!!! Yes, Western Carolina's Lady Catamounts defeated Chattanooga 56-52 on their home court and on their senior day. It was awesome, the girls played tough "D" and I always love to write about a win. LOL

So, on a pretty good high right now. Hope it continues.

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Maygen said...

congrats! im happy you're having such a fabulous streak of good wealth!

all of those things are so awesome, so take advantage of your feelings. congrats to the team as well!