Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where Are The One Tree Hill Podcast Listeners From?

I have been looking over the stats page my syndicator, Farpoint Media, provides me and I am kind of blown away by the varying contries and places people are listening to my One Tree Hill Podcast.

The top four countries are:

  1. United States
  2. Great Britan
  3. Canada
  4. France

I saw that and I was like WOW. And what are the top two states in the US? California and New York with Illinois a close third. It is crazy.

Not to mention other countries range from Austrlia to Thailand to Switzerland to Germany and basically all over the world. It kind of makes me step back. I mean, I do the podcast here in North Carolina never imagaining how far it goes out and who it touches.

Add to that my small accent people say I have, I don't hear it, and I wonder what listeners from other countries think about that.

What is so funny is that I don't know how many emails I have gotten from listeners asking me when I am going to have Hilarie Burton on the podcast as a guest. They all say they would love to her her Virginia accent, when she lets it out, go up against my Tennessee accent. Again, I maintain I lost my acccent when I was a junior in high school thanks to my English teacher and then numerous classes in speech presentation in college at the University of Tennessee.

Come on, all that and my master's degree in sport administration and a minor in marketing and business has to account for something. LOL

Anyway, just wanted to comment on the listeners to the podcast ACROSS the globe.

Oh and if listeners want to help with my standings on iTunes, drop by the podcast iTunes store at "The One Tree Hill Connection" and leave a commet. I normally don't ask for comments but it would be cool to get the podcast a little pub on iTunes.



Realme2008 said...

Yeah, when are you going to get Hilarie Burton? I love her!!! She's my favorite character, and a fantastic actress to boot!
"Not to mention other countries range from Australia to Thailand to Switzerland to Germany and basically all over the world. It kind of makes me step back. I mean, I do the podcast here in North Carolina never imagining how far it goes out and who it touches."- Wow, that's really cool that you have viewers all over the world tuning in.

becca16 said...

Denise, I love to follow One Tree Hill Blog and when I found yours, I had to join. I love your passion for the show and especially for the talented actors and music that make it great. You've done a phoneminal job since you just started in May and I for one, want to thank-you for all of the time and effort you have put into this.
PS- I think we were in Wilmington at the same time over the summer at the end of July. I went to watch James, Joy, and the fantastic Hil (i hope you can get an interview soon) at the Schwartz center and that night you had posted pics on OTHB with the comet. I dunno though. :)
I'm Becca by the way.

blueaeryn said...

Hey Becca. Yes I was in Wilmington in July. I was dong an interview with the Fincannon's extras casting director and then she got me a spot to be an extra while they were filming at the Schwartz's center. Small world, isn't it?

becca16 said...

very small apparently haha. that's so awesome that you got to extra. i'll have to rewatch the episode and see if i see you. we stayed there the entire day for various reasons (mainly because we would've just been in the hotel otherwise haha) but were you an extra for the James and Joy scene or Hilarie and the comet one that night?

blueaeryn said...

I was actually in the extra scene filmed at the end with Sophia when she was supposed to be in New York.

becca16 said...

oh ok. yea we left right when they started to film that one because we were leaving the next day, but that's really awesome. You do a great job. Congrats on your success.

a-shiningstar said...

I live in Kentucky. I don't really have an accent though...not a Kentucky one persay because I live in Northern Kentucky...but Denise you do have an accent. But its likelable! ;) Otherwise why would people continue to listen...well ok maybe for the interviews but if the accent was unbearable they'd stop listening...and well I haven't. :)